"Birkin" by @YEPitsIIXEL

I met Iixel at PYNK Wednesdays and am so glad I got to see her perform. The most important thing about being on stage is your presence. Iixel popped out with all her girls who held it down for her all night. When he song came on, you better believe they knew every word. After checking on her soundcloud, it’s hard to deny that honey girl has a banger. I ran into her at the Sound Series open mic btu was incredibly disappointed that the list was full and she couldn’t rock the stage. At any rate, she and her homegirl stayed, rocked out and showed love.

Not only is her vibe dope, I really enjoy her flow; I mostly like Iixel because her bars are super solid. I enjoy her flow, it’s pretty much real rap without the animation we hear from most women. & I can’t get over how willing she is to sit around and listen to everyone else rhyme. Support deserves support. S/o to you, Iixel.

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