Someone’s gotta keep it real.

JWWWD stands for “Just What We Wanna Do”. Too often, we look for guidance and answers in others when we should have more faith and trust in ourselves. JWWWD magazine is, first and foremost, encouragement to do the things people told you you could never do. It’s inspiration to do something else, something new: go to a dance class, pick up a book, travel the world, keep up with politics. It’s difficult to do all of everything, so I do a little bit of most things in moderation. We shouldn’t be afraid to try new things, or to do things on our own. We should follow our dreams as if that is the only logical way of enjoying this world. I’ve got one life to live. I wanna do everything the world has to offer to me & hope someone will be proud.

I do what I wanna do with my life & you should do what you wanna do with yours — That, in my opinion, is perfect balance.
I wanna be a role model…Rather, an example, because I‘m far from perfect. I wanna encourage everyone to follow their wildest dreams — especially if they’re not perfect. Especially if people doubt you. I’m degree’d and salaried but I still wanna be a rapper. lol. People say perfect is impossible, but I believe that perfect is whatever you decide it is. I can’t tell you to be “good” or “nice” but I would hope you are. All I can do is lead do the best I can be; lead by example. While I show you my life’s highlights in these blogs, I’ll also share my trials and tribulations. What good is documenting half the story? While I want to be “goals” or whatever, I don’t want to be a phony. I think it’s important that someone talk about the tough stuff.

This is my blog. This is my lifestyle.

If you want to know more even about me, visit PresidentELLA.com for a full bio ;)

Yours Truly,

Marjorie Thousand | President ELLA