Leaving The "Petty" Behind

Written by PresidentELLA

I'm not perfect because I'm petty. "Petty" is uncapping the syrup bottle and doing pirouettes in the kitchen because he thinks he can get get rid of you easy and you think to yourself, "Nah, playboy. Dealing with me is a sticky situation." I don't know if the syrup was worse than the egging but I do know that he should have never done whatever it was he did (because you know I already forgot what it was). Really... I was just angry... at everything. I was largely at fault. I know I love him most because he's treated me with respect through it all. (& I apologized, y'all. I'll give you some tricks, someday. lol) I finally found someone who loves me more than I love him. It sounds terrible to say/write but I've loved way too hard and I deserve it back for a change. I don't mean to say I don't or won't  love him as much as he loves me, but I'm broken and I know it. I need affection more than the average. I need someone who loves me enough to deal with the residual bullshit these fuck-boys have left me with and help me heal. I need someone to show me better.

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Are you clingy?

PresidentElla's Thoughts:

I'm definitely clingy. I know this because he just told me I am about an hour ago. Until just now, I've been trying to fight admitting the fact that I want to be all up under my guy as much as possible... but enough of the denial. There have always been particular labels I think a woman tries to avoid in her life: bitch, hoe, prude, crazy, dumb and (seemingly less threatening of these) clingy. I didn't think I was clingy until I admitted to myself that I am most comfortable doing what I love in life, when I have love in my life. I tell you... it's hard to focus when you don't know where your man is. But when you feel supported and loved, there's nothing you can't handle

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