MAC #7 False Lashes Dupe

Hello dolls!!! I was browsing through the makeup aisle at Walmart and found some false lashes that are a perfect dupe for the MAC #7 False Lashes! These falsies are by a brand called...

Salon Perfect in the style "102 Demi." I wore these lashes in the previous makeup post and they looked amazing to say the least. The Salon Perfect lashes are the ones shown at the top of the picture and retail at Walmart for $2-$3, where as the MAC #7 lashes retail for $16. The only difference that I notice is the lash band for the Salon Perfect 102 Demi's is shorter than the lash band for the MAC #7's. Regardless, you can't beat this deal. The lashes hold up really well, are easy to apply, and can be used multiple times as long as they are properly taken care of. I always say that you can achieve the same look without spending a lot of money and this is the perfect example. So before you think about purchasing $16 lashes from MAC, consider the Salon Perfect lashes from Walmart for $2-$3.

In addition, these lashes are similar to lashes that I've seen Keyshia Ka'oir rocking. They are not exact but they do look similar to hers. Her signature look always include a neutral eye, spiked lashes, contoured face, and a bold lip.

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