Do you send dirty pictures?

If I get you these, will you model them for me?"

       "You gonna get them?"

        "Are you gonna model them?"

        "Then buy them."

        "You think I'm bullshittin."

         "The register's right there."

         "Alright. You think I'm playing."


        Later that night, as we were texting, I sent him a picture with the subject "Model Shots" with the message, "You never said it had to be in person :) "

         "Can I get one with you standing up?" He wrote back.

         That's when I went to sleep.

     I'm a fan of the BBM pose. I know I'm the not the only girl who takes pictures of herself. More than you should. For every one picture a girl puts up, she's actually taken dozens. Once you get the hang of it,  it's a little hard to stop. You know where should stand. How you should stand. Where to put that hand. The right tilt for your face. The angle of the camera. The lighting. It's all so theatrical. But it's all so necessary. 

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