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President ELLA

Originally from Central Falls, Rhode Island, ELLA represents every person with a supposedly far-fetched dream. In a world where time stops for no one... what if you could muster up the courage to be yourself? Exactly who you want to be? Right now? What if you could skip all the gimmicks & just be real?

Like every other JWWWD writer, ELLA contributes whatever is in her heart or weighing on her mind--especially those things she feels alone in because someone else might feel the same. As a 9-5'er with hobbies, dreams, family and a private life, the LOVE and LIFE contributions tackle a variety of topics from relationships to career questions.  

Holding a Bachelor's in Advertising from Loyola University in Maryland, with a minor in writing, ELLA is currently employed by Saks Fifth Avenue, HBC Digital as Creative Operations Manager. In real life, she is an artist.

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Entertainment Journalist

Brittany Shawnté

Brittany Shawnté, a proud representative of Prince George's County, Maryland,  holds a bachelor's degree in Communication from Loyola University in Maryland and is definitely one of Wale's most dedicated (and ambitious) fans.

While Brittany has been contributing to JWWWD Magazine since June 2011, she also has a blossoming freelance writing career with several different blogs and online magazines. She has written for beauty and celebrity blog Lovelyish, and currently writes for Celebrity VIP LoungeAgape Soul TV, and Black Community Web.

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Health Guru

Pamela Fung

Pam Fung, from the "small city with big dreams," Central Falls, Rhode Island, lives her day-to-day life balancing portions and and priorities. As the former fitness competitor finishes up her science studies at Rhode Island College, she illustrates the true meaning of a "healthy lifestyle". Pam presents recipes and work-out advice, but also encourages balancing your physical needs with your individual and emotional desires.

By eating healthy, watching her boyfriend's soccer game, mastering sculpture painting, walking her dog Charlie and buying random gifts for her niece, Pam encourages us all to pay attention to our bodies, but also to the smiles on our faces.

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Media Strategist

Jason Bourne aka @Basquiatlxents

Dropping gems wherever his foot steps, Jason Bourne is Basquiats Mind as he gathers up knowledge of the entertainment industry. The media strategist acts as host and publicist for a variety of mediums and organizations across New York City.

 As a true leader in his league, Jason Bourne is the ultimate real-life example of hustle. He provides first hand insight into the new, rising music and entertainment scene and is never hesitant to share his experiences and advice.  

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Fitness Motivator

Alex Russell

Motivated to make a name for herself, Alex Wynter Russel is rising to the top of Philly list of socialites. The Speech Pathologist spend her free time participating in countless charities. Philanthropy is always at the heart of her desires; her warm and inviting nature has certainly helped gain her incomparable support because those around her can feel her passion!

Alex began her social media rising as a fitness coach, focusing on health and working out, but soon realized she was so much more than that and that being “healthy” expanded beyond the gym. As the founder of “SHE”, Alex plans events in partnership with follow entrepreneurs and organizations. Her events range from spa-days to vision board building and everything in between.

If you’re in need of positive vibes and real-life motivation, Alex is the girl to follow. She provides live coverage of her 9-5 as well as her 5-9, making her a source of inspiration to any working girl trying to find the time to chase her dreams.

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Fashion Influencer

Hani Hulu

Iranian-born Hani Hulu presents herself fabulously as a trendsetter in the fashion world and a global advocate for Muslim rights. Using herself as a poster board for refinement, intelligence and beauty, she provides a voice to the other beautiful women who share her descent and, quite possibly, her experiences.

The Loyola University Alum holds a B.A. in business, and currently works in Philadelphia, PA. Each day, the writer demonstrates an unparallelled attention to detail at her 9-to-5 as well as in her closet and at the register! 

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Beauty Expert


Baltimore's own, Li Li Bee, tests out your latest hair styles, make-up and whatever else she decides to post on. With a degree in marketing from Loyola University, this savvy beauty works her tail off to show you what's in and how to make it yours.

After her 9-to-5 desk is clear, Li Li Bee tackles your latest makeup trends, showing us how to master the styles as they come our way and switch them up as drastically as you desire. While the bills are getting paid and your hair is getting laid, Li Li Bee shows us how to be as pretty as we wanna be, and walk through world as if they're runways -- with our heads held high.

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Make Up Artist