The Body (women)

       I get many messages, where women describe to me their ideal body and it seems to be the exact same shape; “hour glass” frame (small waist, maintain their chest and create or maintain a bigger lower body) I wanted to write about it , because if I didn’t I was soon going to find myself re-writing the same exact email!

        Diet is the key to the toned abs (small waist). Yes, you should do ab workouts to tone the muscle but everyone absolutely EVERYONE has a six pack it’s part of our anatomical muscular structure, it is just hidden underneath layers of fat. After the hundreds of crunches you will have an amazing set of six pack abs, BUT they will be underneath layers of fat. Therefore, in order to have this show you need to reduce your body fat, by having a consistent healthy diet and increasing or beginning cardio. However it’s mostly has to do with your diet, hence the quote “Abs are made in the Kitchen”. Remember the 75/25 or 80/20 rule of diet vs. exercise. The issue that some woman have with this, is that they not only lose the extra fat on their bellies, but they also begin to reduce fat in the buttocks and thighs (something many of you who sent me these emails want to keep)

         The problem here is “spot reduction” you cannot pick an area of the body in which you‘d like to tone or decrease, simply because the body does not work that way. Your body converts fat into fuel for energy but it collects this from multiple areas of the body not just one. In some cases you may lose the buttocks and thighs before you lose all of the fat over your stomach.  It’s just a process, I went through the same. 

          The trick is, that after losing, rebuild. Incorporate heavy leg workouts to build muscle and create a bigger lower body.
To name a few exercises:
·       Leg press
·       Dead lifts
·       Weighted Squats
·       Hamstring curls
·       Leg curls
·       Box jumps
·       One legged squats
·       Stair master
       I know that it may sound like a bit more work then what you expected but after losing and then rebuilding you will end up with a more lifted, toned bum, and if you do it right, a reduced or cellulite free one! J 
**** everyone is shaped differently, not everyone has the same body type. The three different body types are mesomorphs, ectomorphs and endomorphs.
·          Athletic
·         Hard body with well defined muscles
·         Rectangular shaped body
·         Strong
·         Gains muscle easily
·         Gains fat more easily than ectomorphs 

·          Small “delicate” frame and bone structure
·         Classic “hardgainer”
·         Flat chest
·         Small shoulders
·         Thin
·         Lean muscle mass
·         Finds it hard to gain weight
·         Fast metabolism 
·         Soft and round body
·         Gains muscle and fat very easily
·         Is generally short and “stocky”
·         Round physique
·         Finds it hard to lose fat
·         Slow metabolism
 All of which will determine the results you get and how you are shaped. 
        However what is most important is that you’re living a healthy lifestyle. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and what matters most is that you love yourself. Until Next time!