Wraps to Go !

          I know many of us like to go out on trips with friends and family, or have busy days and sometimes you find yourself meeting your 3hour meal deadline and are only surrounded by fast food restaurants. For days like these I’ve learned to be prepared and create quick and simple wraps containing my lean meat, greens and simple carbohydrates. These wraps are delicious, compact and a great way to keep on track with your healthy lifestyle.

97% fat free ground turkey
Mrs. Dash chicken seasoning
1 tsp. Olive Oil (To cook ground Turkey)
1tbs. Low Fat Mayo (made with olive oil)
Hot sauce (optional)
Reduced Sugar ketchup (optional)
Whole Wheat wraps
Saran Plastic wrap

         I am personally a big fan of condiments; all these are of course optional and may be too much for some people. Feel free to add/substitute/eliminate any of the condiments you see here.  Other options are changing the protein to tuna, or chicken. You may also want to try to make the wraps with some lettuce, cabbage or other veggies. I use cooked spinach because I feel that I don’t have to worry about it going bad especially when, I am making meals 2 days in advanced.
Add the Olive Oil to a pan and add the ground turkey, season with Mrs. Dash to taste. Apply Mayo,hot sauce, ketchup, spinach, onions and peppers to the whole wheat wrap and roll the wrap. Cover in saran wrap and refrigerate, or if you’re just making a quick meal ENJOY! J