Pre-Brunch WorkOut Routine

Written by Alex Russell

Looking for a quick but effective workout you could get in before brunch or Saturday funtivities??

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Rise & Grind!

by Alex Russell

Was definitely not excited about Getting up early this morning to workout but once I started moving...i didn't even think 2x about it

Feeling energized and ready for the day 🙌🏾
Superfood shake prepared 🍦 
Lunch and snacks prepped for the day 🍴 
Outfit picked for a charity event tonight 👗

All about preparation !! It's easy to pick the vending machine/snacks in break room/fast food when you didn't bring lunch, it's easy to skip your workout when you don't have a workout plan, but you know what's also easy... preparing for all those situations beforehand!

And having a cute summer dress on hand at all times doesn't hurt 😉


Cool Down & Stretch Routine

Written by Alex

I'm not going to lie I am usually tempted to skip my cool down and stretch because within 5 minutes of my workout ending I'm already thinking of what's next on my to-do list 😬

Anyone else that way too??

The new cardio kickboxing program I'm doing has a 10 minute stretch workout included after each workout. 10 MINUTES?!?! Haha that was my reaction. But it is soooo important to stretch your muscles and give them time to relax as well before heading on to the next chore on your list. Plus I know you don't want to injure yourself or be sore - nothing like tight Hammies or calves and you have stairs in your house...or burning biceps holding the hair dryer 😂

Give yourself 10 minutes and your body will thank you!!

Super Short Set #WorkOutRoutine

Written by Pam Fung

Part of my workout out today, I apologize in advanced for the falling camera obviously filming alone. But a great set to make you sweat do individually or add to your routine. 

  • Jump rope =60 jumps 
  • Deep squats with 20lbs kettle bell 15-20x 
  • Shoulder press with 15lbs kettle bell 15x each arm

Do this 4x  with 30 - 60 sec rests between sets