Low-key Workout

Written by Alex Russell

True story: some days I can’t bare to get up from the couch after work and my eyelids feel like they have 20lb weights on them

Today just happens to be one of those days! Life surely isn’t glamorous all the time when you’re trying to build a biz. There’s work, then there’s more work haha but then there’s the reward ...

🌟Getting to inspire women to make a positive change in their life 🌟

While I am currently in a state of “I’m not sure if I need coffee, a nap, or a glass of wine”...I still want to bring you guys all the goodness for Talk About It Tuesday and hope it motivates you to get that booty movin if you’ve been making silly excuses for yourself (re: well my roommate/husband/wife/dog is sleeping so I can’t workout) 

So pleaseeee check out one of my favoriteeee videos of getting in a quiet workout at home! (Roommate, kid, and apartment friendly 😉) share with a friend!!

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