Rooftop Workout #Routine

Written by Alex

Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful Monday to get a werkout in! I slowlyyy felt myself almost reverting back to my old ways 3 years ago before I started taking care of myself and my body...

•I had a pretty sucky commute
•I didn't like my job
•I told myself i didn't have time to workout
•I ate out alottt and skipped meals during the day

Luckily I have all the tools at my fingertips to not slip back into old habits!

•can't change my commute but I've changed my mindset during my commute by listening to some motivating podcasts
•not thrilled about my work situation but working super hard on my coaching business everyday to be my own boss!
•I don't have as much time as I did before this new job but I DEFINITELY have 2️⃣5️⃣minutes to workout
•superfood shakes and online meal planning ready to go!! And no skipping meals over here because the hanger is real 👹

Anyone else ever feel themselves slipping into bad eating or working out habits (ordering out everyday, saying next week every week😂🙋🏾)you worked hard to get rid of?? I know the feeling!! Don't undo all your hard work! Come up with a plan ASAP to get yourself back on track - and if you need help ...I got you!!! Send me a message and lets get it together, together ☺👯‍♂️