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  • Ripley Grier Studios 520 8th Ave, 16th Floor new york, NY 10011 (map)
TIckets, photo and information below via  EVENTBRITE

TIckets, photo and information below via EVENTBRITE


Shed all the weight that makes u unhappy! It's that time now or never ! Have fun doing it in Twerkout class! 

Learn how to twerk, booty pop and wine to the latest club hits, while learning how to dance in the club, and work out in a fun, non judgmental environment. It's not about your weight but how your built! If your happy and healthy that's all that matters!I want to make you feel sexy and confident and do things you've never done before !

Warm ups include isolation exercises to build up your hips, tummy legs and booty cheeks muscles. Repeat at home for massive results in the summer

Upper body strength for floor and wall twerk moves.

And break down of proper twerk stance and which muscles to use for each routine.




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Cute & Comfy Fitness Clothing

• Suggestion: 
• Booty Shorts, 
• Leggings
Sneakers or Sneaker Wedges. 
Water Bottle
Change of clothes since you will sweat.




Additional Class Description:

Twerk Class: Basic 101 for twerking with some fun twist. Warm ups includes a range of motions to help develop flexibility in your joints to improve your twerking abilities. Hips, booty, thighs, cheeks isolation. Instructional class to help individuals learn the secret behind twerking. A small choreography is taught at the end of class.

Excellent for newbies


Twerkout: Ratchet group fitness class with a follow along the instructor set up. Intense cardio fitness class with a dance-hall and hip hop blend. We turn up like we are in the club. All skill levels are welcomed.


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Email us at for 5 & 10 Class Packages, Private parties, Private lessons and corporate sessions.


Company Bio: 
Twerkout Fitness is a boutique style fitness and dance company that offers a variety of classes for the everyday person. Excellent for those who are brand new to working our and dancing, and a better session for the average fitness clients who want to switch things up in their regimen.

Started by Nikki Nicole, who was looking for a way to get back in to shape after raising her children. Her love for dance was missing from her life, so after a 10 year break dancing professional, she decided to go back and follow her passion.

Not having a consist love for fitness or a desire to workout, Nikki understood the value and benefits of being in shape. After long searches for a fun fitness class where you didn't feel like you were working out, Nikki decided to created a fun, ratchet like fitness classes to help her get back into shape. A party environment where you can be rathett for an hour, and dance the night away.

As the demand grew for more Twerk classes and the lack of classes in New York City, Nikki created Twerkout Fitness. The workouts are disguised as dancing in the club with your friends, while you not only get in shape, you improve your range of movements, muscle memory and flexibility in your joints to execute a better twerk dance. As well as tone and sculpt your upper and lower body.

Clients have been know for seeing more toned legs, thighs, booty and increased stamina from attending our classes on a weekly or bi weekly basis. As well as walked away with a better understanding of how to twerk, and be sexy doing it. 

Not only are you getting a full workout, but you are performing at your own fitness concert. The environment is setting up with the lights dimmed, and the disco lights glowing to re create the club atmosphere. You do not have that insecurity of being watched, which allows clients to let their guard down, let their hair loose. 

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