The Lioness of Morocco by Julia Drosten

Written by PresidentELLA

When a fair lady from London decides to ditch the corset and move to Morocco, in Northern Africa, even her husband is astounded; but he married you for your money and you don't care what anyone thinks anyway. Oh... the loneliness of individuality. And yet the power of a woman?

Morocco opens open an entirely new world to Sibylla. Her husband, Benjamin is a evil as we think he is.  Still this story proves that love is as real as Sibylla imagines it to be. Through trails and tribulations, she proves herself the mighty Lioness of Morocco. And by never losing hope, she never loses love. 

I was completely enthralled by this read, needing to know if she'd be all right in the end. This recap is short because I'm giving no spoilers, but there are twists and turns like and great love story or coming of age tale.

Inspired by the bold Sibylla & my new ventures with MONAT hair products, I am SO happy to announce that I'll be hosting a book club! The first book up for conversation is The Lioness of Morocco by Julia Drosten. 

Join the Facebook group and RSVP to the event on Eventbrite if you're in NYC! 

Happy Reading!


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