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 If you have clothing, music, books, cosmetics or anything else you’d like us to experience, review or promote, we would love to!

Our costs are based on urgency:

$0 -  You may send your product for review without payment. If no payment is received, a review will be posted at our earliest convenience. 

$10 - Article will be posted 4 weeks from when product is recieved. 

$20 - Article will be posted 3 weeks from when product is recieved. 

$30 - Article will be posted 2 weeks from when product is received. 

$50 - Article will be posted 1 week from when product is received. 





Ad Space
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$10 Ad Space:

 If you would like to have your logo or event promoted on our site and or in our calendar, space is available for as low as $20 a week. The calendar is a live free standing page. Ad space appears on the side bar of every individual blog post. 

$10 - added to event calendar

$20 -  1 week of ad space 

$50 - 1 month of ad space

$100 - 3 months of ad space

$300 - 1 year of ad space


Feature Interview
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Feature Interview:

  • You will receive an email to schedule your interview within 24 hours of your purchase.
  • 1 hour In-Person Interview 
    • Live and organic Social Media Posting (Recorded video & posted with article)
      • Facebook Live
      • Instagram Live
      • SnapChat
    • Video or Audio recording included with interview

The Written Article

  • Article will be live on 2 weeks from interview date. 
  • Homepage Placement for 2 weeks
    • 1 Instagram post
    • 1 snapchat post
    • 1 Tweet + Unlimited, Aumotated Tweets 
    • Included in monthly email newsletter

If you are promoting an art piece, music or a physical object, must send your products in advance. Interview will be scheduled after product is received.



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