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       Each footstep we take provides a path for generations to come, so we try to be as positive as possible. We are all individuals; no one has the right to judge you, or to define your path. We are all equally brilliant and beautiful. We show our readers how to follow their hearts with passion and pride, hoping to inspire the courage to do whatever makes you happy. Believe in yourself! This is a celebration of individuality, and a gateway to a positive and peaceful existence.

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Meet the Team!

Love + Life

with Ella

JWWWD Founder - @PresidentElla Artist at PresidentElla.com

JWWWD Founder - @PresidentElla

Artist at PresidentElla.com

Ella is a writer and human rights advocate - "Freedom for all," being her life's motto. After graduating from Loyola University in 2010 (and having no job) she decided to create a website where she could continue cultivating her writing without having to sell herself.

Chronicling her journey from a Central Falls, Rhode Island to New York City, she writes on "love + life," detailing the complexity of living life, trying to hold onto all of your titles: Editor, writer, artist, musician, model, Latina, woman, sister, daughter, friend... and human.  Ella provides a real life illustration today's multi-faceted entrepreneur's who still finds time for leisure and love... and whatever else your heart desires because that is how you learn to truly love life.

Visit ELLA's website at PresidentELLA.com



by Hani Hulu

Fashion Editor -  @BabyKhosh Founder of HaniHulu.com

Fashion Editor -  @BabyKhosh

Founder of HaniHulu.com

Iranian-born Hani Hulu presents herself fabulously as a trendsetter in the fashion world and a global advocate for Muslim rights. Using herself as a poster board for refinement, intelligence and beauty, she provides a voice to the other beautiful women who share her descent and, quite possibly, her experiences.

The Loyola University Alum holds a B.A. in business, and currently works in Philadelphia, PA. Each day, the writer demonstrates an unparallelled attention to detail at her 9-to-5 as well as in her closet and at the register!

Visit Hani's website at HaniHulu.com




by Brittany Shawnté

Entertainment Editor/Celebrity Journalist - @Only1BShawnte Contact via BrittanyShawnté.com

Entertainment Editor/Celebrity Journalist - @Only1BShawnte

Contact via BrittanyShawnté.com

Brittany Shawnté,  a proud representative of Prince George's County, Maryland,  holds a bachelor's degree in Communication from Loyola University in Maryland and is definitely one of Wale's most dedicated (and ambitious) fans.

While Brittany has been contributing to JWWWD Magazine since June 2011, she also has a blossoming freelance writing career with several different blogs and online magazines. She has written for beauty and celebrity blog Lovelyish, and currently writes for Celebrity VIP LoungeAgape Soul TV, and Black Community Web.

Check her out at BrittanyShawnte.com!



by Li Li Bee

Beauty Editor - @Li_Li_Bee Founder of Li Li Bee's Oasis Baltimore, MD

Beauty Editor - @Li_Li_Bee

Founder of Li Li Bee's Oasis

Baltimore, MD

Baltimore's own, Li Li Bee, tests out your latest hair styles, make-up and whatever else she decides to post on. With a degree in marketing from Loyola University, this savvy beauty works her tail off to show you what's in and how to make it yours.

After her 9-to-5 desk is clear, Li Li Bee tackles your latest makeup trends, showing us how to master the styles as they come our way and switch them up as drastically as you desire. While the bills are getting paid and your hair is getting laid, Li Li Bee shows us how to be as pretty as we wanna be, and walk through world as if they're runways -- with our heads held high.

Check out all of Li Li Bee's tips at LiLiBeeOasis.blogspot.com



Health + Fitness

with Pamela Fung

Healthy Living Editor -  @Pam_Fung Owner of P Fung Fitness + obraboutique.com Central Falls, Rhode Island

Healthy Living Editor -  @Pam_Fung

Owner of P Fung Fitness + obraboutique.com

Central Falls, Rhode Island

Pam Fung, from the "small city with big dreams," Central Falls, Rhode Island, lives her day-to-day life balancing portions and and priorities. As the former fitness competitor finishes up her science studies at Rhode Island College, she illustrates the true meaning of a "healthy lifestyle". Pam presents recipes and work-out advice, but also encourages balancing your physical needs with your individual and emotional desires.

By eating healthy, watching her boyfriend's soccer game, mastering sculpture painting, walking her dog Charlie and buying random gifts for her niece, Pam encourages us all to pay attention to our bodies, but also to the smiles on our faces.

See what Pam is up to on PFungFitness.org